Workshop on English teaching professional development – ATER Ngoma chapter

Twenty five English teachers from primary and secondary schools of Ngoma district attended one day-workshop oragnised by the Association of Teachers of English in Rwanda, Ngoma chapter. The workshop was hosted by the Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo (INATEK) language center on  26th October,2015.   


Facilitated by Mr. Robert, an English Lanimage003guage Fellow working with ATER; the workshop focused on identifying the needs of English teachers especially in rural areas surrounding Kibungo small town. The Ngoma District education officer, Mrs. Judith TUMUKUNDE attended the workshop and saluted the efforts of ATER in promoting English teaching professional development in Ngoma district. She urged teachers to work hand in hand with ATER on regular basis in order to take advantage of its mission of improving the teaching of English in Rwanda.

English language teachers of Ngoma district have outlined a number of challenging such as lack of teaching materials (Audio-visual materials), teaching large classes, lessons modeling, pronunciation related issues, use/non-use of mother tongue while teaching English, language skills teaching and issues regarding speaking and listening activities. They highlighted that they need more trainings on English language teaching pedagogy considering their own context. One of their leaders expressed the need of hosting the next ATER conference in Ngoma District.

The coordinator of ATER Ngoma chapter, Mr. AMINI NGABONZIZA Jean de Dieu, thanked the Ngoma district education officer for attending the workshop and facilitating ATER to meet with English teachers of Ngoma District. He highlighted that they need to launch four communities of practices (CoPs) by 2016 for facilitating regular meetings of English teachers at their local places. Concluding, participants thanked Mr. Robert, English Language Fellow, for providing a good model to teachers on participative method used during the workshop.