Hi there all,

Hope you’re all doing well wherever you are.
Allow me to share ATER updates of what ATER has been doing recently. I know a lot of you have been taking part in ATER activities but I think it’s a good culture to sit and look back to what the month has been like.
June started with ATER 2016 annual conference that took place on June 2nd and 3rd with the theme “Better Professionalism better performance. English Language Teachers Coming together“. The conference took place in IPRC Kigali where around 200 participants enjoyed more than 35 concurrent presentations and plenary sessions during the two day conference. For more information and photos about how the conference went, please follow the link http://aterw.org/ater-2016-conference-becomes-a-success/ on ATER website. You can also find a documentary about the conference at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtZGT6YzHFQ
After the conference, it was time for the last round of Communities of Practice (CoP) training in the 5 districts that ATER operates in. There’s more about the last round of 2016 CoP trainings at http://aterw.org/round-3-cop-trainings/
In connection with CoPs, I would like to inform you that Robert Palisin, the ATER who has hugely contributed to the growth of ATER CoPs has completed his time as an English Language Fellow (ELF) in Rwanda. He’s returning to New York (USA) on Wednesday June 13th, 2016. Many thanks to Robert for his contribution to the growth of ATER and it’s CoPs. On that note, I would also like to inform you that ELFs Leanne Cameron and Jessica Griner who worked with ATER during their stay in Rwanda are also leaving Rwanda for during this month.  Leanne Cameron has been in Rwanda for two years and has been a very active ATER member. Her hard work and commitment towards ATER growth has contributed a lot to what ATER is today. Leanne leaves Rwanda for PhD studies in the UK.  In addition to presenting at several CoP trainings, Jessica Griner was in charge of the Resource Fair  at ATER 2016 conference, an event that was very successful thanks to her effort in organizing it. Help me to thanks Robert, Leanne and Jessica for their great work with ATER and to wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
Finally, I hope you can all access ATER newsletter on the website www.aterw.org. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to the next issue. Let us know if you have any comment, questions or suggestions on how we can improve the newsletter as well.
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Wishing you all a fruitful month of July. Thank you for being part of ATER. 
Richard Niyibigira
ATER President