Hello members,

I hope you’ve been doing well. February has been a busy but fruitful month for ATER.

 The first round of CoP training has closed with a workshop in Huye that gathered 32 teachers from neighboring schools. Kudos to Robert Palisin, our English Language Fellow, who did a great job offering the trainings in Kicukiro, Ngoma, Kayonza, Muhanga and Huye CoPs during this first round. we have been lucky to have other professionals from different bodies participate in our CoP training sessions. Many thanks to the English Fellow Jessica Griner, Peace Corps Education Volunteers Tara Sullivan, Hannah Gann and Cassandra St. Vil, Fulbright scholar Professor Dr. Jill Shafer,  Dr. Katherine McFarlane, a former university professor at Texas A&M in the United States and Dr. Richard Shafer, a visiting Fulbright scholar and Hillary Sheridan from the British Council for participating and leading professional development sessions to the CoP teachers during the first round.

 The first ATER newsletter will be officially launched on the first day of the second round of CoP training! Watch out for a lot of professional development, teaching tips and technics that can help you to become  a better professional teacher.


 Preparations for the 2016 ATER annual conference have started. A call for abstracts is now on ATER website http://aterw.org/call-for-presentation-ater-conference-2016/ . If you would like to present during the conference and need some help getting your presentation ready, let us know! ATER would be happy to have many of its members present and we’ll have a team ready to help you prepare your presentation if you would like to. Also, please feel free to contact ATER leadership if you would like to participate in the preparations. The conference can’t be a success unless we all take part!

Finally,  don’t forget to visit, Follow, share and/or like the  ater website: www.aterw.org , ATER Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/TeachersofEnglishinRwanda/ and ATER tweeter: https://twitter.com/ATER_Rw for all ATER news and updates. Feel free to share the information found on those media with other people who might be interested. 

Wishing you all a fruitful month of March and thank you for being part of ATER team.