CoP Training: Kicukiro

The first official Community of Practice training took place in Kucikiro on Friday, January 29th at San Marco School in Kanombe. A total of twenty teachers and presenters took part in a full-day training focusing on professional development in the classroom. After a short introduction welcoming the participants by local CoP leader Juliet Mahoza, President of ATER, Richard Niyibigira, spoke to the group about the importance of teacher development and the role that ATER and the CoPs play in promoting this development. Following a short icebreaker for introductions, the first presentation of the day was from English Language Fellow Robert Palisin, who focused on “Covering Grammar in a Communicative Way”, a focus on covering grammar in a what that involves more student and speaking practice. This was followed by a second presentation on “Being Creative in the Classroom”, facilitated by Robert Palisin and Mariza Munah. Teachers were able to explain and demonstrate useful activities that promote speaking in the classroom, as well as requiring limited materials for the teacher. Following lunch, the afternoon session included a presentation by Gideon and Juliet Mahoza about “Reading Strategies and Reading Culture”, helping participants to upgrade their students’ development in the skill of reading. The trainings’ closing included words from visiting Fulbright scholar Jill Schafer and CoP leader Julier Muhoza thanking the participants for their participation and inviting all teachers for the second round of trainings that will take place in April.

K Group PhotoKicukiro CoP group photo

K Working
The Training going on in Kicukiro

CoP Training: Muhanga

The round of CoP trainings continued with the Muhanga community of Practice (CoP) conducting their training at St. Andre School in Gitarama on Saturday January 30th. This afternoon training featured a wide variety of presenters – English Fellow Jessica Griner, Peace Corps Education Volunteers Tara Sullivan and Cassandra St. Vil and English fellow Robert Palisin, a Fulbright scholar Jill Shafer as well as the president of ATER, Richard Niyibigira, who made opening remarks. Local CoP leader Sonia Kamaliza welcomed the 25 participants to a series of three presentations. After a short lunch and an introductory ice breaker, Jessica Griner presented on “Creating Materials”, a focus on what teachers can do to be creative and interactive when faced with limited resources and materials. This was followed by Tara Sullivan and Cassandra St. Vil’s presentation on “Learner-centered Teaching & Competency”, a valuable look at how teachers can focus more on their students during lessons to help achieve the new competency-based Rwandan curriculum. The final session involved a look at “International Lesson Planning”, delivered by Robert Palisin. The training was brought to a close by local CoP leader Sonia Kamaliza thanking the participants for their hard work and dedication, followed by a wonderful group photo to celebrate the occasion.


Richard Niyibigira, ATER president, making opening remarks at Muhanga CoP training


Muhanga CoP training participants in an interactive activity
IMG_0044Jessica Griner during her session


Muhanga CoP training participants group photo