The third CoP training took place at INATEK College in Ngoma on Friday February 5,attended by twenty-six teachers from the surrounding schools. The teachers were welcomed by the Dean of Faculty of Education at INATEK, Dr. Theophile Muhayimana, who provided motivating words for the participants, with a special focus on importance of learning and cooperation among the teachers, a theme that would be present throughout the day. Emcee Sosthene Nitbanyurwa then got things started by introducing the first presenter, English Fellow Robert Palisin, who presented on “Lesson Plan Types”, with a special focus on tailoring plans to involve maximum student participation, in accordance with the new Rwandan curriculum currently being put into place. Following a tea break, INATEK instructor Amini Ngabonziza transitioned into his presentation, “Using Grammar as a Resource in Writing”. Participants worked on analyzing the use of grammar in writing and how it influences such thing as perspective, voice, and focus. After lunch, Robert returned again with a presentation on “Speaking”, a look at the specific points necessary to promote effective fluency work within activities and lessons – reducing the teacher role and promoting the student’s input. After a short raffle involving the giving away of English teaching materials, closing remarks by ATER chapter leader Amini Ngabonzizi brought the training to a close.

Some of the event pictures


The ELF Robert Palisin conducting a session in Ngoma

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Ngoma CoP group photo with Dean of Faculty of Education at INATEK, Dr. Theophile Muhayimana