The second training in Muhanga took place on Saturday, April 16th at St. Andre school in Gitarama from 10:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m. After a short welcome to the participants to begin the day, the session started with a short icebreaker speaking activity run by Robert Palisin called “My Favorite”. Presentation #1 was led by Robert, who talked about ‘Classroom Management’, discussing basic points in dealing with classroom rapport, instructions, and microstages of an activity. The group then took a short tea break, which was followed by presentation #2 by Peace Corps volunteer Tara Sullivan, who focused on ‘Student Motivation’, ways to get students involved and motivated during lessons, focusing especially on connecting to students needs and interests. Presentation #3 was given by Robert, who closed with a discussion on ‘Speaking Activities’, points to keep in mind when trying to run an effective speaking activity, with a look at things like the topic, providing a task with the activity, and ensuring students have the tools to perform it. The presentations were followed by a group lunch to finish the day, with a group picture to complete the day.

Muhanga 2 Activity

Teachers demonstrating a fun classroom activity

Muhanga 2 Tara Activity

Muhanga 2 Group

Trainers, Robert Palisin and Tara Sullivan, with some teacher trainers.