Classroom Language: every Sunday 2:30 PM, Radio Rwanda 


To support teachers with learning English and with teaching methodologies. This series introduces and explores a range of teaching methods that can be used in the Rwandan classroom whilst at the same time helping teachers learn the English language needed for effective teaching. Topics covered include how to present new language, general classroom management and asking questions and eliciting information from students.obla air photo

Broadcast on Radio Rwanda every Sunday at 2:30pm for 12 months starting from 19 July 2015. From 9 October 2015 worksheets to accompany the radio show will be available in Imvaho newspaper.

Obla Air: every Monday 5:30 PM, Radio Rwanda 

This radio show, suitable for adults, focuses on English for social purposes and English for the workplace. Each episode is set in a workplace context and features a lively and engaging drama. Captain, Maas Obla, the owner of the airline Obla Air and his crew are so committed they’ll do anything to keep flying!

Classroom Language photoBroadcast on Radio Rwanda every Monday at 5:30pm for 12 months starting from 20 July 2015.


Songtime: Friday 5:30 PM, Magic FM

 Songtime takes a traditional Rwandan song and translates it to English, focusing on the key vocabulary and ideas expressed in the song. The show works with an English teacher from the British Council who talks you through the language used in the song and gives guidance on how to improve your English.Songtime photo

Broadcast on Magic FM on a Friday at 5:30pm for 6 weeks from 24 July to 28 August 2015.