A group of twenty-five primary and secondary teachers met in Kayonza for the second ATER teacher training of 2016 in kayonza.  The morning started off with a welcome greeting by English Language Fellow Robert Palisin, followed with a phonetics warm-up by Peace Corps education volunteer Hannah Gann, focusing on difficult consonant sounds. The group then had a short discussion of effective methods of giving constructive feedback to colleagues, a theme started in the first Kayonza training. The first presentation of the day was led by local teachers Daniel and Triphine Nangwahafi, who provided a model grammar lesson dealing with the Present Perfect Tense, focusing especially on student-centered methods. To finish off the morning, participants engaged in a set of discussion questions related to their classroom experiences thus far in 2016. Following lunch, English Language Fellow Jessica Griner discussed “Teaching Large Classes”, a useful presentation in helping teachers develop methods and strategies in working with large groups of students. Local Kayonza teachers Aimable Shingiro and Paul Lwanga followed with a session on “Short Story Discussion”, noting the elements of graded questions and levels in working with reading material in the classroom. After a short tea break, Robert Palisin returned with a presentation on “Classroom Management”, a special look at elements of instruction, design, and factors involved in running an effective classroom that maximizes student participation with minimal disruption. The day finished with certificates and recognition for the participants and presenters, with a closing by Hannah Gann and participant feedback for the next training in July.


The second Ngoma ATER teacher training took place on the twenty-ninth of April at Kibungo University. The session started with a warm introduction by local ATER CoP chapter member Juvenal Habiyaremye, who greeted the group of 18 participants with enthusiasm and welcomed their strong motivation. The day started with a icebreaker activity by English Language fellow Robert Palisin, getting the attendees moving and warmed up. The first presentation of the day was led by Peace Corps Volunteer Giani Bisio and Juvenal Habiyaremye, who focused on “Activities to Motivate Students”, a thorough look at the points that motivate students, and the types of activities that will get students involved and excited to learn. After a short tea, Peace Corp Education Volunteer Kelly Christianson led a discussion on “Classroom Management”, a look at relevant actions by the teacher – often overlooked – that influence students involvement and behavior. Included in the presentation was a set of lively skits involving the participants, highlighting effective and non-effective teacher behavior in the classroom. After lunch, Robert Palisin completed the day’s presentations by leading a discussion on “Teaching Vocabulary”, a look at the ‘Test-Teach-Test’ method of introducing vocabulary in the classroom, along with a variety of ways of creatively practicing vocabulary with students. The day was brought to end with closing words by Juvenal Habiyaremye and a discussion of plans for the third Ngoma training in July.

Kayonza 1

ELF Jessica Grinner during the CoP training in Kayonza

Kayonza 3

ELF Robert Palisin Kayonza CoP teachers.

Kayonza 4

Kayonza CoP teachers

Ngoma 1

Peace Corps Volunteer during the training with Ngoma CoP

Ngoma 3 Ngoma 4 Ngoma 5