The Organisation is composed of founder, adherent and honorary members.

A.    Founder Members

The founder members are the ones who have signed the statutes by the time the organization was registering with competent public organs, Rwanda Governance Board for ATER..

B.      The adhered members

The adhered members are individual persons or legal entities that will join the Organisation after applying for membership and securing the acceptance of the general assembly.

No.B. It is important to note that both founder and adhered members are effective members of the Organisation. They have the same right and duties in the Organisation.

C.    Honorary members

Honorary members are individual persons or legal entities that support both morally and materially the activities of the Organisation.
They are proposed by the executive board and accorded by the general assembly. They consult and have no voting rights in the general assembly.

Membership to the Organisation

Those who want to join to the Organisation introduce their written request to the President. The application is approved by the General Assembly.