Everyone with an English professional background is welcome in the Association of Teachers of English in Rwanda (ATER) to provide professional support to the association and its members or any other help in accordance with our aim of Promoting and Sustaining English Language Teaching and Learning for Development.

Types of Members

  • Founder members,
  • Adherent members &
  • Honorary members.


   Membership Benefits

Education & Professional development

Through different sessions organized by ATER or any other organizations or our partners, our members attend seminars and professional workshop sessions, while attending those sessions our members are facilitated financially in order to attend and participate actively.

A voice for your community

Using the approach of communities of practice, our members get the opportunity of meeting other teachers from different areas so that they can share with other professionals (teachers, consultants,) and improve their ways of teaching English.

Scholarships and fellowships

Thanks to our partnership and affiliation to other professional Associations, our members are facilitated to get scholarships and participate in different professional events worldwide