The final stop of the first round of ATER trainings around Rwanda took place in Huye on Friday February 19th at the Cascade meeting center. Thirty-two attendees joined seven presenters in a round of presentations focused on the subject of the ‘Student-centered Classroom’. After a welcome speech by local CoP leader Sedar Bazompora English Fellow Robert Palisin conducted an ice-breaker to get the teachers warmed up and prepared for the day. The first presentation was by Dr. Katherine McFarlane, a former university professor at Texas A&M in the United States, who focused on “Student-centered Teaching” – a valuable session that helped teachers work with the new competency-based curriculum in Rwanda.

Katie Huye

Dr. Katherine McFarlane delivering a session on “Student- Centered Teaching”

Following a tea break, Robert Palisin spent time focusing on “Lesson Planning”, specific areas teachers can focus on in developing their lesson plans with the new curriculum. The day’s lunch was followed by a presentation by British Council representative Hillary Sheridan, who educated attendees on free resources available to teachers from the British Council website. The third presentation was conducted by visiting Fulbright scholar Jill Shafer, an English professor from North Dakota State University in the United States, who led a discussion on “Using Resources: Authentic/Adapting”, an important presentation helping teachers develop and find materials for their classroom in places where resources are not easily available. Completing the day of training was Dr. Richard Shafer, visiting Fulbright scholar and journalism professor from North Dakota State University, who educated the group on the fundamentals of basic journalism and its application in the ESL classroom.

Richard Huye

Dr. Richard Shafer, talking to the group about the fundamentals of basic journalism and its application in the ESL classroom.

As the day came to a close, CoP leader Sedar Bazompora thanked the participants for their motivation and involvement and extended an invitation for everyone to join him again in April for the next training.

Classroom Huye

Huye CoP training taking place