Huye’s second training of the year took place on Friday, May 6th at the Mugisaza Hotel, in downtown Huye. Thirty local primary and secondary teachers took part in the training, where they were active participants in presentations by Dr. Jill Shafer, English language Fellow Robert Palisin, and G.S Murambi primary teacher Laurien Ikuzwe. The day started with a warm welcome by CoP leader Sedar Bazompora, thanking teachers for their attendance and commitment  for professional development. Robert palisin warmed up the group with two icebreakers, “Favorites”, and “Star Game”, that got teachers talking and interacting. Participants then took a quick tea break, followed then by the presentation, “Reading in the ESL Classroom”, by Robert Palisin, focusing on building a reading lesson plan and the types of reading practice that students can focus on in the classroom.  Dr. Jill Shafer then followed with a presentation on “Speaking Activities”, covering different methods and activities teachers can use to bring a more communicative focus to their lessons, along with examples of types of materials that can be used and the activities that can go with them. After a lunch break, Laurien Ikuzwe delivered a presentation on “Using Educational Materials/Resources in Teaching and Learning English”, a helpful look at what teachers can use to stimulate and educate students in a variety of lesson types.

Huye Laurien +

Kicukiro CoP member, Laurien Ikuzwe, leading a session in Huye

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Huye CoP members during May 6th training

On Friday, May 7th Kicukiro held their second teacher training of the year. G.S Murambi was the host institution, with presentations given by G.S Murambi teacher Laurie Ikuzwe , English Language Fellow Robert Palisin, and EducationUSA representative from the U.S Embassy Rei Best. The morning session with the twenty-five teachers started with a speaking icebreaker, “Favorites”, led by Robert Palisin, getting the attending teachers warmed up for the day. Robert then transitioned into the first presentation of the day, “Reading in the ESL Classroom”, focusing on the subskills of reading and the overall design of a reading lesson plan. The next session, led by Laurien Ikuzwe looked at “Group Discussions”, noting the points teachers need to keep in mond when executing a successful group speaking activity, as well as the problems and solutions of having students work in groups. After lunch, the afternoon session was conducted by Rei Best, who presented about resources available to teachers and their students the IRC library – located at the U.S Embassy – as well as opportunities for living and studying at universities in the United States.

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Kicukiro CoP training on May 7th

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KicuKiro CoP member training group photo with ELF Robert Palisin