On January 19th ATER Communities of Practice (CoP) leaders met in at the Adventist University of Central Africa (Gishushu branch), in Kigali to finalize and discuss arrangements for the upcoming series of professional development trainings taking place in the five CoP districts in January and February. CoP leaders also met to review CoP leadership duties, as well as ways to increase and strengthen membership in ATER moving forward in 2016 and 2017.

            The morning session started with a review led by English Language Fellow Robert Palisin, covering the basics of the trainings – when, where, who, etc. This was followed by a brainstorming session on the finer points of the trainings, as leaders looked for ways to add increased motivation, interest, and fun. Finally, a list of the topics and themes for the workshops was reviewed, as well as the presenters and timetables, to ensure a smooth and effective day for participants.

            Following a break for lunch, ATER Executive Secretary Juliet Muhoza led a successful session to work with the CoP leaders to identify the specific roles that they play in their local organizations and what they can do to strengthen their groups as the year moves forward. Many useful ideas were put forward by the group, ranging from organizing local monthly CoP meetings to creating roles for ATER members in the CoPs to ensure investment and participation. To conclude the session, Juliet led a discussion on ways to increase overall ATER membership. The more members that ATER has, the better not only for the strengthening of the organization, but also for creating opportunities for teachers within ATER to share, learn, and develop themselves in the classroom.