Twenty-five local primary and secondary teachers gathered at the University of Rwanda Rukara campus on Friday, February 12th to attend the teacher training event hosted by the Association of Teacher of English in Rwanda. This was the fourth training to take place, the second in two weeks taking place in the east region of Rwanda. The participants were greeted by the Department of Education head…?.. who warmly welcomed the teachers to the professional development session. The first session to kick off the training was from English Language Fellow Robert Palisin, who discussed the topic of ‘Lesson Planning’, in relation to the new Rwandan curriculum, with a special focus on competency-based planning and student involvement. This session was followed by Peace Corps education volunteer Hannah Gann, who led the group on the topic of “Engaging Students”. Participants became fully involved in demonstrating, as well as analyzing the types of ways and activities that can push for student involvement and participation. Following a short break for tea, British Council representative Hillary Sheridan presented on useful resources that can be accessed by the teachers through the BC website, and was also able to distribute free materials to the participants. The final session was led by English Language Fellow Jessica Griner, who focused on feedback in the classroom – what is useful and effective, and what should be avoided. The training was brought to a close by the thanking the participants and invitations to attend the next training in April.

The event in pictures