On June 8th 2018 in ICK, ATER organized annual conference “showcasing best practices in English language and learning” and it take place in institut catholique de kabgayi where most of all teacher in Rwanda attend the training and they share different experience

Mr. Richard Niyibigira the president of this association says that the aim of this Association is meeting and share ideas , best practices and sharing challengers that they meet in their teaching professional that came from short from French to English he keep saying that in that time every has problem that why it was very needed to organize platform and try to support each other in that transition from French to English

he also mentioned about the impact so far that ATER have achieved so far they have organized different conferences  and the minimum of people they  have had in the conference of teacher is 1050 and more in around 4000 hundred from all the corner in Rwanda they are looking the impact that its makes  they get some knowledge ,some networking and we they go back they applied the skills that they have acquired to improve they professional teaching and share the other teacher in their community and also they have seven practice community that they work with  regular hours in week